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What You Get With Us


Rewards Scheme

If one of your contractors uses one of our additional services, we’ll reward you to say thank you.

rewards scheme


Support & Guidance

You and your contractors have access to a hub of free resources and guides.

resources and guides for contractors and their recruiters

A Brokerage Built On Trust

We currently work with leading umbrella companies, contractor accountants, insurance brokers and mortgage lenders. All of which have been thoroughly researched and subjected to our rigorous due diligence.

It’s our aim to provide contractors with an end to end service and provide guidance and support to make the working lives of contractors easier.

Our experience means that we understand the needs and challenges facing contractors. Plus, by offering an absolutely free service, your contractors can get trusted information and recommendations without having to come back to you for more help.

By working with us you will have access to a platform of contractors all looking to find their next contract. Plus, with Contracting Scout on your side, you know that your contractors will be well looked after. We will help you build on the positive contractor relationships you already have to create a network of guidance and support to all involved.