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IT professional working on contract

Working on Contract in

IT & Telecoms

For those specialising in IT and telecoms working on contract is very popular. It’s an industry where employers look for flexible workers with specialist skills, often at relatively short notice. Contracting Scout can help you keep up to date with the latest jobs in your area and help you choose the best payment solution for your specific needs. We also offer assistance with insurance cover, including professional indemnity, public liability and employers liability.

Locum Professionals

Healthcare & Medical

Working in the medical sector can be challenging at the best of times, but working on contract as a healthcare locum brings further responsibility and paperwork. Contracting Scout can help by finding you a specialist provider that understands your industry and can take away much of the time-consuming administration. We work with a wide range of professions, including Chiropractors, Dental Hygienists, Dentists, Doctors, Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Radiologists.

locum doctor
professional contractor in the finance and banking sector

Flexible Workers

Banking & Finance

With the turbulent UK economy, the demand for a flexible workforce in the financial and banking has never been higher. But, while you concentrate on advising your clients about their finances, knowing how to structure your own affairs and, more importantly, which provider to choose, can be difficult. At Contracting Scout, we ensure every provider we work with has been scrupulously checked and is able to deliver accurate and timely payments, so you can rest assured that your finances are in safe hands.

Contract Roles

Project Manager

Project managers are governed by budgets and deadlines, so you need a service provider that is reliable and accurate. At Contracting Scout, we only partner with companies that have passed our rigorous assessments and will only recommend them once we are satisfied they can deliver to your requirments. With a dedicated service provider by your side you can be confident that your finances are in safe hands, leaving you free to concentrate on your client work.

consultant contractor working on contract as project manager
female contractor in the creative sector

Freelancers & Self-Employed

Creative & Media

Creative hubs are growing all around the UK and digital skills are in extremely high demand. With ample contract roles to keep you busy there is often little time left for managing your expenses and the day to day running of your business. Contracting Scout can offer sound and practical information to help you deal with the complexities of working on contract. We also work with experienced partners who can help take away much of the strain, by handling your book-keeping and administration on your behalf.

Assignments & Posts

Oil, Gas & Engineering

Highly specialised areas within the oil, gas and engineering sectors require workers who are focused and quick to adapt to changes. Contracting Scout has access to a range of payroll options so that we can find one that best suits your specific requiremnets. Plus, we will  only refer you to a provider or recruiter that has experience of working in your sector. Through our resources and guides section we can also provide tips and updates on changes in the market and how to secure your next contract, helping you keep pace with the ever changing demands within the industry.

Contractor from the oil and gas or energy sector