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Why Recruiters Have A Key Role To Play In Helping Clients Attract Talent

The latest Markit/REC jobs report found that candidate availability is dropping at the fastest rate in 18 months.

A lack of suitable candidates is proving a particular problem in key sectors of the economy, including IT and tech, engineering, construction and healthcare.

On top of this, we’ve seen how the upcoming IR35 changes are increasingly damaging the attractiveness of the public sector for temps and reducing opportunities for them.

With this in mind, recruiters have a valuable advisory role to play by working closely with clients to ensure vacancies attract enough interest from suitable candidates.

Here are some ways you can really add value.

Work-life balance

A report by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) and REC suggests that workers increasingly abandon perm roles for a better work-life balance.

The report suggests that the use of agency workers in the public sector is growing as highly experienced staff opt for temporary roles that would provide greater flexibility, allowing them to pick when and where they work.

For recruiters specialising in temps, this represents an opportunity. Recruiters can work with clients to bring the flexible nature of roles to the forefront of their job ads.

The reluctant candidate

You’ve found the perfect candidate, they’ve been through two rounds of interview and the client has made an offer. Then, at the last moment, the candidate declines the role. Yes, your worst nightmare.

While to some extent this is part and parcel of working in recruitment, it could be a sign that there are underlying issues at play if it becomes a regular occurrence with a specific client or certain sectors.

Recruiters can offer value to clients by reporting on candidates’ feedback on the roles and their experiences with the organisation.

Here are some of the things to look out for when considering why candidates might get cold feet:

  1. Do candidates feel like they’ve received adequate feedback and timely updates following client interactions?
  2. Are clients clear about the nature of the work/projects?
  3. How do candidates feel about the culture of the client’s organisation?

Questioning candidates on these areas allows recruiters to provide tailored advice to their clients and to develop real insight into candidates’ expectations and requirements.

A businesses’ approach to recruitment is an important advert for its brand and can affect its reputation. Recruiters have the insight and the proximity to candidates to play a valuable role in helping businesses build their brand – and to attract the right talent when quality candidates are in short supply.

As well as helping clients attract candidates, recruiters can also promote vacancies to thousands of contractors by joining our service for free