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Ways To Build Trust With Temps

Three Ways To Build Trust With Temps

As a recruiter, building trust between clients and your temps is vital. With previous research suggesting that the vast majority of recruiters believe the hunt for talent is becoming more competitive, recruiters will need to do more to build lasting relationships that’ll allow them to stand out and be successful.


Here are 3 things you can start doing today to better engage and build relationships with clients and temps alike:


Follow through


Recruiters play a critical role. Whether businesses are looking to grow, replace outgoing talent or plug a gap in their service offering, they need to be able to trust the recruiter they’ve partnered with.


The best way to win that trust is to consistently deliver exactly what the client is looking for.


That doesn’t necessarily just mean a steady supply of temps that are a perfect match for their vacancy – although this certainly helps – but can include making sure you keep in regular contact and providing updates about where they are in the process.


And the same goes for the contractors whose livelihoods depend on the roles recruiters put them forward for. Building a highly skilled, highly valued talent pool requires you to have personal relationships with the temps you work with. Remember candidates are often working with two or three agencies at any one time – how you support them on their job search can determine whether you become their preferred agency and first point of call.


Be attentive


Empathy goes a long way to building rapport and trust with the people we deal with on a daily basis – placing a candidate in their dream role should be seen as much more than a business transaction.


Listen to your clients and really try to get under the skin of what they are looking for, beyond qualifications and other relevant skills necessary for the role. Doing so can uncover what their culture is truly like, what kind of temp will find them interesting and fit well with the client.


Understanding the nuances in what your clients and temporary candidates are saying – or not saying – means you can get the match right first time round. Saving you and your client time, effort and money.


Provide value


Businesses value agencies that go the extra mile to ensure that their recruitment needs are met. For recruiters, this can mean helping to prepare the candidate for the interview, briefing their clients about the temp and managing the inevitable back-and-forth of negotiations and the job offer process.


Likewise, if you are upfront and honest with candidates about the role, their suitability and client feedback, temps will feel more confident about their dealings with you.


Following these steps will develop strong, long-term relationships with both temporary candidates and clients by treating your interaction as a partnership rather than a business transaction.


This can sometimes result in creating such perfect matches between clients and temps that a short-term assignment becomes a permanent role, meaning you could also be in with a chance of a temp to perm fee.


Finally, don’t forget that we can help when it comes to introducing clients to their perfect candidates. You can promote your vacancies to thousands of targeted temps when you join our service for free.