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ir35 survey results

Contractors Walk Away From IR35

Earlier this month, Contractor Calculator published their findings from a survey of over 1,500 contractors looking into the impact of recent legislation changes. The results show that the HMRC’s reforms to IR35 in April have, not surprisingly, come at a huge cost to the already struggling public sector.   Since the reform went live, 27%

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challenging reforms to IR35

We Must Keep Challenging Reforms to IR35

Some 88% of contractors don’t believe public sector bodies or recruitment agencies can make accurate decisions on their IR35 status without their input, according to new research from the contractor insurance company Qdos Contractor.   Given that recent reforms to IR35 mean responsibility for determining IR35 status has been shifted from the individual contractor to

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IR35 Reforms are number 1 concern

IR35 Reform Tops List Of Contractor Concerns

Recent research has found that contractors’ main work worry is the possibility of the recent reforms to IR35 regulation being extended to the private sector.   The study, conducted by the contractor insurance company Qdos Contractor, found 48% of contractors consider the prospect of IR35 reforms being applied to the private sector their main concern,

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Google’s new initiative on changing nature of work

Google’s New Initiative Should Include Contractors, Urges IPSE

Google’s philanthropic arm,, recently announced a £38.3m initiative “to help people prepare for the changing nature of work.”   In a blog post, the tech giant explained that it will support nonprofits and other organisations that “train people with the skills they need, connect job-seekers with positions that match their skills and talents, and

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impact of hung parliament contractor market

Despite hung parliament, contractors shouldn’t be unduly concerned about uncertainty

With the recent election producing a hung parliament, many contractors will be nervous that the uncertainty the result has generated will damage the economy. However, contractors can also be relieved that recent news suggests there is strong demand for their services. At the end of last month, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) published its

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benefits of contracting

Thinking of making the switch to contract work?

Let’s explore the benefits of moving away from permanent employment   Be your own boss. Being at the helm and taking decisions relating to your work life can be an extremely liberating. You no longer have to work around colleagues, have a boss watching your every move or concern yourself with HR appraisals and workplace politics.

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contractor confidence survey results

Survey Shows Contractors are a Committed Part of the UK’s Workforce

Here at Contracting Scout, the one-stop shop for contractors, we have a wealth of resources, news and research on everything you need to know in the industry.   Building on our research into everything affecting contractors from Brexit to IR35, we recently uncovered some interesting results when we spoke to contractors about how often they

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