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Stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn

Stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a brilliant way for contractors to market themselves to potential recruiters. As one of the most important professional networking sites, over 90% of recruitment agencies use the platform to directly source top talent for their clients. This cuts out some of the legwork for contractors, increasing their chances of finding not only consistent work, but also the most lucrative contracts, with 49% of LinkedIn users earning more than £60,000 a year. Recruiters searching on LinkedIn are proactively looking for contractors with specific skills. Over 24 million people have a LinkedIn profile in the UK, so it’s important to get the basics right. Once you’ve got your profile up and running, here are a few simple but effective tweaks to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Use keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases that recruiters will use to search for candidates for specific roles. By incorporating these into your profile, you’re making yourself visible and ensuring you come out top of the list.  It’s a good idea to read through some specs for roles that you’re interested in and figure out the keywords they have in common before incorporating these throughout your profile.

Customise your URL

This is something that relatively few people do, but it can make your profile much easier to publicise on other formats such as your CV, plus it also looks much neater than a jumble of letters and numbers. To customise your URL, go on the “Edit” feature on your profile and scroll down to the URL edit area to set it to whatever you like.

Add a current job

Employers and recruiters often search for new candidates by current job title. Even if you’re unemployed or between contracts, you can put your usual title and specialism, or the title of the role you’re looking for, adding “between contracts” or “seeking new opportunities” as company information.

Add multimedia and statistics

Recruiters often scan profiles very quickly to pick out key information. By reducing the amount of text and including pictures, videos or slideshows to show off your work, you have a stronger chance of snagging their attention and keeping them engaged. Numbers also stand out as specific statistics and help to avoid vague generalisations. Instead of writing “improved content creation on facebook”, you can put “increased Facebook shares by 20% in 6 months”.

Keep your status updated

Contractors can get the most out of LinkedIn by being a little proactive. Instead of creating your profile and sitting back, the more you actively engage by growing your network, joining groups contributing content, the more visible your profile will become. Everyone has different time limitations, but even just updating your status on a weekly basis will keep your profile visible and in current circulation.

Use the ‘Open Candidates’ feature

This is an invaluable tool for contractors as it allows them to notify recruiters that they are looking for new opportunities. This applies much of the time for contractors who are on the lookout for their next assignment. However, if you’re on a rolling contract, or scoping the market before a possible contract renewal, the open candidates feature isn’t visible to your current employer and any partner companies.

LinkedIn offers a range of tools for candidates searching for new opportunities. By completing your profile and setting your specifications to certain sectors, roles, locations and contract type, contractors can improve their user experience. LinkedIn also offers a salary tool to help you work out what your skills are worth in the current market, for more information read our article here. You can also download out useful guide on how to get the most out of LinkedIn and other social media here.

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