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Skills to Secure Post-Covid Contracts

Skills to Secure Post-Covid Contracts

As the UK begins a tentative return to the workplace, the post-Covid marketplace will see some fundamental changes. Understanding how these changes will affect your sector is critical. Alongside industry-specific skills, recruiters will be looking for certain key skills across the board when it comes to marking out talent. These are the skills that will help businesses make the transition to post-Covid operations, and in many cases, they will help companies map out new beginnings. Changes in the way we work, based on lessons learned from the pandemic, are here to stay. Here are three ‘skills groups’ that can help contractors to safeguard their careers and secure contracts post-Covid.

Digital skills and the transition to virtual working

Post-Covid, one of the best areas to upskill in is undoubtedly digital. The pandemic has accelerated the need for companies to adopt technologies that will make their future operations more efficient, robust and resilient. Knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics are key areas to look at. The World Economic Forum identified artificial intelligence specialists as the number one emerging data job in the future. Data science and machine learning-related jobs represent 5 of the top 15 growing jobs in today’s marketplace. As technology provides organisations with more raw data than ever before, those with the skills to analyse and interpret this data in order to find trends and solutions will be crucial to businesses success.

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Human skills and the new working model

While straightforward administrative functions are quickly becoming automated, high-level human skills such as creativity, critical thinking and people management are vital for businesses to succeed in this digital realm. With more remote working and less face-to-face interaction, there’s a greater need for managers to develop their ‘emotional intelligence’ or ‘people skills’. This set of skills not only allows workers to relate to others, but to also understand what a company’s clients are going through. The businesses that were able to adapt their working model and service offering during the pandemic have proved the most resilient. A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that employers cited creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking among the top soft skills that candidates were lacking, making them valuable commodities.

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Market awareness and the importance of networking

Whatever your professional skillset, the ability to develop strong market awareness so that you can position yourself within that market is important. Spotting trends and potential work opportunities will be a major factor in navigating an uncertain post-Covid marketplace. Social networking and platforms like LinkedIn are valuable tools for building your digital visibility and business network. Government legislation is another key factor that can radically affect the market. For example, changes to the off-payroll rules scheduled for roll out in the private sector in April 2021 will shift the responsibility for deciding if a contract is ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ IR35, from the contractor to the end client.

Many companies have already started hiring contractors to help boost their post-Covid recovery. If you’re looking for a fast and efficient payroll solution, Contracting Scout can assist with the administration of your billing and invoicing requirements to ensure you are set up quickly and paid promptly. To talk to a member of our team, call:  0203 603 1878