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Boost For IT Contractors

Research Offers Boost For IT Contractors

Two recent news stories highlight the growing importance of IT contractors and the increasing number of opportunities the market offers them.


Research conducted by SJD Accountancy and reported in Computing magazine has shown that the number of IT contractors has grown almost twice as fast as the number of full-time employees in the sector.

The study found that the amount of full-time IT employees has risen from 509,00 to 659,000 – a 29.5% rise – since 2010. Meanwhile, the number of IT contractors has grown from 77,000 to almost 120,000 – a 55.4% increase.

The CEO of SJD, Derek Kelly, believes this increase can be attributed to economic uncertainty, compounded by Brexit, which has “persuaded many organisations to defer hiring and look to contractors to plug the skills gap”.

The research also found that contractor pay is rising, in line with competition for skills, with cyber security experience enjoying particularly demand. SJD also found that the proportion of IT contractors earning more than £500 a day has grown from 39.1% to 42.1% over the last 12 months.


Fall in IT job openings

On top of the SJD research, data from Jobfeed found there were fewer job opportunities to land an IT role in the UK in April and June, according to a Contractor UK report.

Counter-intuitively, this could be good news for IT contractors, because freelance roles were excluded from the data. If permanent positions have declined, this data could support the SJD research and suggest that businesses are turning towards contractors instead.


Here at Contracting Scout, we’re not surprised that contractors have been found to be so valuable to the IT industry – we recently noted that there is a perfect match between the sector and contractors.

Whether you’re an IT contractor aiming to take advantage of the growing opportunities in this sector or looking for an assignment in another field, you can give yourself a head start by uploading your CV to our database here.