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How Contractors Can Make The Most Of Their Skills

We recently noted findings from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) showing the four weeks to June enjoyed the highest demand for IT contractors this year – with demand higher than any month in 2017. The REC attributed this demand in part to a shortage of cyber-security skills, as well as the Brexit vote and

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impact of hung parliament contractor market

Despite hung parliament, contractors shouldn’t be unduly concerned about uncertainty

With the recent election producing a hung parliament, many contractors will be nervous that the uncertainty the result has generated will damage the economy. However, contractors can also be relieved that recent news suggests there is strong demand for their services. At the end of last month, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) published its

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write job ads to find the best contractors.

How recruiters can write job ads to find the best contractors.

Getting job ads wrong can be expensive. If the wrong people apply it can waste your time and if the wrong people are successfully placed in roles, it can damage your relationship with temps and clients alike. While the outcome of the recruitment process isn’t solely reliant on the strength of the initial job ad,

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Job-Seeking Frustrations

How Recruiters Can Succeed By Addressing Candidate Frustrations

Recent research from CV-Library has identified the main frustrations candidates face when job hunting. At first glance, the results don’t make pleasant reading for recruiters. Not only was a ‘lack of response from recruiters’ named the number 1 frustration by job hunters, chosen by 57% of respondents, but ‘vague updates from the recruiter’ also made

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benefits of contracting

Thinking of making the switch to contract work?

Let’s explore the benefits of moving away from permanent employment   Be your own boss. Being at the helm and taking decisions relating to your work life can be an extremely liberating. You no longer have to work around colleagues, have a boss watching your every move or concern yourself with HR appraisals and workplace politics.

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What Recruiters Can Learn From The Snap Election Decision

What Recruiters Can Learn From Theresa May’s Snap Election Decision

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election has dominated recent headlines. However, while most of this discussion has focused on the latest polls or who will and who won’t be taking part in TV debates, there are also some important lessons that recruiters can learn from May’s decision. Here’s what you can learn

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IR35 status tool consultation

IR35 Status Tool Dispute Highlights Ongoing Confusion

One of the more surprising criticisms of HMRC’s tool for testing contractors’ IR35 status is that it might be passing people who should in fact fail. Recruiter magazine reported findings from Contractor Calculator (which has created its own IR35 status tool) which showed that 29% of contractors passing IR35, when using HMRC’s tool, actually fail

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IR35 problems

IR35 Continues To Cause Problems For Contractors – It’s Important To Be Prepared

Unfortunately, as we head into the new tax year, recent news has done little to change our view that IR35 could cause significant problems for contractors. Instead, the latest reports on IR35 have largely confirmed our belief that these reforms have been poorly conceived, will limit opportunities for contractors and could lead to many being

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help recruiters attract talent

Why Recruiters Have A Key Role To Play In Helping Clients Attract Talent

The latest Markit/REC jobs report found that candidate availability is dropping at the fastest rate in 18 months. A lack of suitable candidates is proving a particular problem in key sectors of the economy, including IT and tech, engineering, construction and healthcare. On top of this, we’ve seen how the upcoming IR35 changes are increasingly

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