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Our Top 5 Apps For Contractor Jobs to Try Today

Our Top 5 Apps For Contractor Jobs to Try Today

As someone who’s used to the contracting lifestyle, you know the time and effort that  it takes to find your next contractor job. You can easily loose days looking for a suitable contract, connecting with potential clients, starting that all important first conversation and perfecting a pitch.

The process can be very time consuming and ultimately a draining part of being a contractor; especially if you have to re-send out your CV each time you hit a dead end. With so much time consumed by contractor project hunting, you need to find a way to streamline your job hunting efforts, making it quick and easy to find your next client.

Have you ever noticed that some contractors are more successful at finding better-paid work, somehow standing head and shoulders apart from the field with their response times and job hunting organisational skills?

Is it their experience and expertise, their ability to sell their services, or their pure determination not to give up on finding the right contractor job that sets them apart from the sea  of independent contractors out there?

The truth is that it could be all of these factors, plus a bit of handy app technology. For those paving a new career in contracting, it’s becoming increasingly easy to manage the complicated balance of working for yourself and spending time with your family through using one of a host of new apps for contract work. Through an app you can not only find jobs in contracting, but schedule appointments, process invoices and generally make life as a contractor easier.

From optimising your work schedule to regular reminders for new contracts, you can get more done with an app because it integrates seamlessly into your life via that all important contractor tool; your mobile.

Searching for a new client has never been so easy and convenient. There’s plenty of contractor apps out there to help you find your next contract, whether you’re at home or on the go. So, we thought we would put together a list of the top 5 apps to find contractor-based work:



A go-to for independent contractors, Totaljobs has over 190,000 jobs up for grabs. They are one of the UK’s leading job boards and it just takes a second to search for and apply for jobs on their app. Their main focus is location, location, location. You can set your job search by a particular locale , toggle the radius and use their fancy map inside the app to find contractor jobs near to you. This is an excellent functionality for contractors as you can search either nationwide for remote jobs or narrow it down to your local area. You can download this on both Android and iTunes.



Probably one of the UK’s most popular job search apps, Indeed has millions of jobs advertised on its own and partner platforms. You can tailor your search how you want to and include “contract” in your search to really narrow things down. Indeed also allows you to search by salary and location. The app trawls through multiple partner job sites and job boards to give you a host of relevant results. You can save a job you like and apply for it later, or apply straight through the app with pre-saved CVs and cover letters. You can also apply directly from your phone – making it quick and simple. You can download this on both Android and iTunes.



This app is specifically for tech jobs with the company describing itself as the number one IT job board.  You’re given various useful contractor-specific filters, such as being able to search by salary type (any, annual, daily or hourly). It gives you instant job notifications on your phone, as well as the ability to apply directly from the app once you have saved your details. Again it’s available on both Android and iTunes.



This app is similar to Indeed and TotalJobs and is the mobile equivalent of a huge jobs board online. You can search for new jobs with filters based on what you are looking for as an independent contractor. You can have pre-saved CVs, cover letters, and access your previous job applications. You can also set it to notify you when new contractor jobs are listed. Find it on both Android and iTunes.

Upwork is a great place to find rewarding contracts and foster relationships with new clients. A global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals collaborate together remotely, Upwork pulls together a range of contractors and potential clients who need everything from legal work to project management.

Upwork is for contractors that don’t want to utilise the standard jobs board or agency route to find a contract and are happy to engage directly with the client from the get go. Upwork has contractor jobs for agile project managers, software developers and engineers with skills in java, scrum and android, to name a few. With fees ranging from 5% upwards you can see why this is the contractor app of choice for many contractors and has inspired a plethora of other similar platforms like Peopleperhour, Toptal and The Dots.There you have it. The top five apps for contractors to search for new jobs. Hopefully by using these apps you will be able to grow your contractor business.

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