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Oscar Worthy: Our ‘A’ list apps for contractors

Oscar Worthy: Our ‘A’ list apps for contractors

As the film stars get ready to walk the red carpet for the annual Oscars this February 24th, here at Contracting Scout we’re turning our attention to a different kind of ‘A’ list – Apps. These handy inventions can enhance our day-to-day schedules in a hundred different ways. Here are 6 of the best for ensuring that contractors stay on top form.

BBC News

The BBC News App is a great source of breaking news stories from around the globe. The easy read format makes it great to dip into, while you can also customise coverage to local news or topics that you’re interested in. Staying informed on current affairs is increasingly important for contractors, as factors like Brexit, Off-payroll legislation and Making Tax Digital can have a significant impact. Knowing how legislation and market conditions can affect your sector allows contractors to spot opportunities and adapt their skills for the future. The HuffPost is another great App for news and exclusive opinion pieces.


For contractors who find themselves faced with a challenging schedule, this ‘health and happiness’ app aims to give you a personal meditation guide right in your pocket. Meditation is shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve our ability to focus and cooperate with others. While interacting with new people and surroundings can be an exciting aspect of contracting, it’s can also be draining if you’re not having a great day. This App gives you access to hundreds of guided sessions on everything from sleep to quick SOS exercises in case you feel on the brink of sudden meltdown. Fiit is another great App that’s geared towards providing studio fitness sessions that can be used at home or on the move.


The growing popularity of images and video on social media platforms has opened up a range of advertising and networking opportunities for contractors to tap into. These can be fast and effective mediums to work with, allowing you to document a project and build an online portfolio on sites like Instagram. VSCO Cam is a photo editing App that lets users easily edit their photos, adjusting contrast and clarity to produce a professional looking image that’ll up the chances of your snaps getting shared. When it comes to uploading you photos, Buffer is a useful App that lets you manage your social media, posting on multiple platforms from one place.


It’s surprising what you can achieve if you use those awkward bits of ‘spare’ time to learn a new skill. Contractors will often find themselves with time to kill when they’re travelling for projects, while delays and rescheduling can all take small chunks out of your day. Instead of wasting your time waiting around, the Skillshare App allows you to brush up your presentation or digital media skills. Learning in this way can be effective as it only requires you to focus in short bursts to achieve something productive. TED Talks also offer a great app that allows you to watch their influential videos from expert speakers.


Working on a project can involve a lot of tangent thoughts leading off in different directions, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track! SimpleMind is a cross-platform mind-mapping App that allows you to analyse your thoughts and structure them exactly how you want. You can add media or memos, creating a logical, illustrated map. Mind mapping helps you organise your thoughts into a logical flow that can capture and craft ideas. For contractors working on multi-channel projects, mind mapping can enhance your thinking processes by bringing a sense of overall clarity and coherence to your plans. If your project is collaborative, Slack offers a highly customisable workflow app that allows you to share notes, images and links.


Myfitnesspal is a great App for contractors who want to keep track of their nutritional intake. Projects often involve working on the go and late nights that can mean developing bad eating habits. Yet nutrition is one of the three essential factors, along with sleep and exercise, that enables us to function well, aiding our concentration and stamina. Rather than just counting calories, this App allows you to make informed decisions about your nutritional intake, with a range of recipes and food analysis. The BBC good food App also offers a great range of inspirational recipes for the times you can’t think of what to put on your plate.

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