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Marketing Yourself as an Independent Contractor

Marketing Yourself as an Independent Contractor

Successfully marketing yourself as an independent contractor will require you to gain a good understanding of your clients needs and the wider contractor market. Having a sound appreciation of what experiences you will have, including the barriers facing contractors, is fundamental to making a successful move into contracting. Before you make the leap, read up on our tips, which cover everything from where to find your information, to how to use it to your advantage.

  • Understanding the Market– Strong research is your secret weapon. You will need to know your market, your potential clients and your business environment. Stay up to date with trends and developments in your industry, find out what skills are in demand and know EXACTLY what your competition is doing.
  • Knowing Your USP– Spend time considering your strengths and what you can bring to a project that no one else can. Market yourself using your best and most useful attributes as your main selling point.
  • Creating a Strong CV– Your CV represents you. It should stand out from the crowd and promote what you can offer to a prospective client. More than just a chronological list of your work experience, it is essentially a vital selling tool that could end up getting you the job. Make your CV as comprehensive and as personal as you can and try to tailor it for each new contract role that you apply for.
  • Excelling as a Person– Be it face to face, at an interview or consultation, online via social media or out and about socialising, as an independent working professional you should always present your best self and use every meeting as a chance to market your abilities. By interacting with like minded people at every opportunity you can build a network of contacts that will be invaluable for pinning down new contract roles and for prospective clients to find and hire you. As your business grows remember to keep in touch with colleagues, other contractors and clients so that they remain mindful of your abilities and so that they can get in contact with you when opportunities become available.
  • Negotiating Your Contract– Whether it is the new financial year, a contract renewal, or simply a bigger workload; being able to understand and negotiate your terms and conditions is vital to ensuring an appropriate rate of pay and for maintaining the relationship you have with your client.
  • Keeping your Skills up to Date– To make contracting your long term career choice you need to continually seek out opportunities to enhance your skill set. Research the most valuable accreditation’s or invest in updating your skills to remain current in your market. In many cases marketing yourself effectively will require you to retrain or learn new skills alongside your contract work. In these instances you should consider settling for a lower rate in the short term, particularly if a contract offers you valuable experience. That way, in the longer term you can justify charging a higher rate for your services.

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