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Make your C.V. stand out

How to make your C.V. stand out

While many recruitment agencies will assist you with your C.V,, there can be times where it is left down to you to make sure you’re selling yourself as best you can.

Your C.V. is a key document that a client will use to build a first impression of you. So if your contract opportunities are starting to dwindle, it could be that your C.V. is letting you down.

Avoid these C.V. errors to make sure you stand out for the right reasons.


1. Sloppy mistakes

Grammatical errors and incorrect spellings do not make a great first impression. Go over your C.V. with a fine-tooth comb and triple check every word and sentence. If you’re unsure, have a friend or relative check over it for you.


2. Poor presentation

Your C.V. needs to be clear and easy to read with a logical layout and order. It may seem tedious but making sure the font and sizing is consistent and that paragraphs are aligned will demonstrate good attention to detail.


3. Irrelevant Information

Failing to tailor your C.V. is one of the most damaging mistakes that you can make. It needs to be targeted to the clients business and the specific role that you are applying for. Do your research and get a full understanding of the position and the client. Show that you agree with their company objectives and incorporate adjectives that are similar to those used in the job advertisement. This way you can ensure their requirements stand out on your C.V. and greatly increase your chances of success.


4. Elaborate claims

Using exaggerated statements such as “The UK’s best project manager”, “Java coding wizard” or “I have perfect analytical skills” can make you look arrogant and devalue your prospects. Instead, aim to prove your credibility with facts and examples of the achievements you have made.


5. Too long

The ideal length for a C.V. is one to two pages. However for certain roles, such as a very senior position or a medical job, having three pages is required in order to show multiple qualifications or offer more detailed information about each experience. The key thing to remember is that your C.V. should only be as long as is needed to showcase your skills. It’s far better to have a shorter and more concise C.V. that hones in on the attributes you offer, rather than a C.V. that attempts to cover all bases but the reader loses interest after the first page.


6. Poor file name

The description you use to save your C.V. will be the very first thing a recruiter or employer sees. A file name such as, “My CV 2007 version 10” does not create the impression of a polished, reliable contractor.


7. Annoying phrases or company jargon

Cramming your C.V. with generic sayings or typical ‘buzzwords’ won’t help you stand out from the crowd. Meaningless clichés like “I enjoy socialising with friends” or “good working in a team or as an individual” don’t really tell the employer much about you and can just confuse or annoy them instead.