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How contractors can market their personal brand

How contractors can market their personal brand

Last week, Contracting Scout looked at the benefits of creating a personal brand for contractors. This week we look at promoting your brand. Once you’ve created your brand, you need to make it visible, and this is where the real work begins. Start by thinking about your target audience and the best ways to advertise your brand and get your message out there. Whether you’re delivering your brand in person or digitally, Contracting Scout has the following tips for contractors.

  1. Pitch – Your pitch is a concise summary of what you do and what you stand for. It could be delivered in person at a networking event, or via your CV and LinkedIn profile. Once you’ve perfected your pitch, you’ll use it over and over again; getting it right will help to define your brand by focusing on your main attributes.
  2. Consistency – Once you’ve decided upon what you stand for, you should aim to keep your message consistent. Brands that have a unified theme that’s integrated into everything they do are more likely to be remembered. Keeping the same colours and fonts across your website, social media, business cards and your digital signature is a good way to introduce consistency. Similarly, adapting content for use on different platforms is not only time-efficient, it’s also a good way of ensuring that your business philosophy remains coherent, while also saving time.
  3. Creativity – Even if you work in a conservative sector, there’s nothing to stop you being creative about the way you market your brand. Being creative isn’t about splashing colour everywhere, it’s about making people stop and take notice. For example, a contractor working in the construction industry might post Instagram updates of a building they’re working on, followed by a 30 second ‘walk through’ video when it’s complete. They could add music, a personal commentary or their contact details. (Remember to check that you’re not breaching the end client’s confidentiality when you show examples of finished work, or impacting on their PR).
  4. Maintenance – Building your brand involves constant maintenance; so don’t let your brand go stale. If somebody visits your website and your last blog was five months ago, you might appear to be “sleeping” or lagging behind instead of leading the way. Think about how much time you have to spend on marketing your brand well. If you’re busy, choose platforms like Twitter where you can deliver quick news bulletins and updates about what you’re doing, or Instagram where you can tell your story in pictures.
  5. Integrate – Make sure that you share your content on all your social media channels. You can link to your latest blog via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using pictures, podcasts and videos to generate interest. Using hashtags, especially if your content is related to current trends, is shown to significantly increase the chance of your content being shared. By leveraging the power of your social media to reach a wider audience, then driving back to your main website, you ensure that your marketing activity stays focused in one place where potential clients and agencies can find out all about you.

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