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Four gifts for the contractor’s Christmas wish list

Four gifts for the contractor’s Christmas wish list

It’s often said that contracting isn’t just a job, it’s also a lifestyle. With this in mind, there are some Christmas gifts that’ll make every contractor’s life run that little bit smoother in 2019 – here at Contracting Scout, we look at four strong contenders for the contractor’s Christmas wishlist.

1. Time Tracking Apps
When contractors use time-trackers, they can use the data to develop a better understanding of how long tasks and projects take, which improves their ability to estimate future projects. Learning to account for your time can also be a great motivator as it allows you to see what you’ve actually achieved. You can train yourself into wasting less time and being more mindful of distractions like Facebook or general internet browsing. After a few weeks, you’ll start noticing patterns in the way you work. Being aware of how you’re using your time can help with devising a plan to maximise your productivity and minimise time wastage. You can buy timetracking apps or gift tokens from many online retailers.

2. Noise cancelling headphones
Contractors often have to work out of the office or on the move in order to make the most of their time. This can mean working while commuting on public transport, in public spaces, or on worksites where noise levels can make it difficult to focus. The latest noise cancelling headphones to hit the market utilise new technology in order to turn down the volume on background noise while allowing the wearer to hear mid-to-high frequency tones (announcements over a loudspeaker, for instance). Other available features include a quick attention mode that allows you to let in all outside noise without taking off the headphones or a built in voice assistant.

3. Voice service Personal Assistant
Contractors can end up juggling a hundred different things at once but few are lucky enough to employ the services of a personal assistant. The latest voice-controlled speakers like the Amazon Echo or GoogleHome can essentially act like a PA, helping you to multitask and organise your daily activities. To name just a few benefits: they can add meetings and events to your diary, make calls for you, read your schedule back to you and inform you of any current commuting delays. You can even use a voice command to start up a coffee maker or remotely switch on the over to cook the Christmas turkey!

4. Water Powered Shower Radio & Showerhead with In-Built Speakers
In 2016, productivity expert Scott Barry Kaufman’s study revealed that 72% of people get creative ideas when they’re the shower, indicating a direct link between relaxation and creativity. Contractors often work long hours on assignments, making their daily down-time an essential way to replenish their energy and boost their problem solving capabilities. The shower friendly radio isn’t just waterproof, it’s actually powered purely by water via a water pressurised generator that sits next to your taps. For maximum effect, you can also buy a showerhead that boasts a built-in wireless speaker!

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