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Contractor Marketing: How Blogging Could Help You

The benefits of blogging for contractors

Marketing yourself as a professional contractor is an important consideration as you start to grow and expand your network. And if you’ve got a website for your contracting work, a blog could be a vital tool to market your services. In this post, Contracting Scout looks at the benefits of blogging for contractors and how to get started.

The basics of blogging

Go to most business websites nowadays and you’ll find a blog in some form. Whether it’s “News”, “Insights” or simply “Blog” – they have become a popular feature for businesses. And with good reason too. Blogs allow businesses to share their latest developments, showcase new services or products, provide tips, answer common queries or even share views on industry changes.

And the same is true for contractors. Blogging has a wide range of benefits, which could help you develop your brand, grow your client base and generate more leads. Here are some of the ways to take advantage of blogging.

  1. Show your expertise
    Blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Whatever your speciality, IT, Finance or Engineering, blog posts give you an opportunity to discuss the latest trends in your industry or provide assistance with common problems your clients will face. In doing so, you can easily demonstrate how much you know about your specialist area.
  2. Create a brand with a personal touch
    What sets you apart from other contractors? Maybe it’s your no-nonsense approach or your ability to explain things in plain English. Whatever it is, it can be hard to get the message across to clients. By regularly blogging, you can build up their knowledge and establish a clear brand voice, that distinguishes you from your competition.
  3. Help clients with FAQs
    Another way to connect with potential clients through blogging is by helping them out. Answering frequently asked questions or providing simple tips and tricks will provide value to your clients. This gives them a reason to keep coming back, subscribe or follow you on social media.
  4. Build a following
    With this in mind, blogging should help you build a following. Over time, you could get a pool of potential clients visiting your blog for the latest news, developments or advice. But it’s important to guide them in the right direction. Remember to include a ‘call to action’ at the end of blog posts, directing visitors to follow you on social media, subscribe to your blog or even get in touch – whatever you want the next step to be.
  5. Show off your work
    A blog also provides the perfect place to showcase your work. You can write case studies about recent jobs you’ve completed and specific challenges you’ve overcome. It’s the perfect way to show specific examples of your experience, as opposed to just claiming you’ve “been there and done that”. If appropriate, add images too. Before and after shots work well for anyone in a construction-related field, for instance.
  6. Consider SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    There’s also a search engine benefit to blogging. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is essentially the practise of ensuring your blog is easy for search engines to find and crawl, and thereby suggest to their customers. Search engines like fresh, original content – rather than those that are left to sit and go stale. A well-maintained blog ticks this box, which can push you further up organic search results. With a bit of assistance, you can even target specific search terms. In every industry, there are certain keywords and phrases people search for to find more information about. If you can hit these phrases within a blog post, it could make its way onto the first page of search results – and generate leads as a result.
  1. Keep it simple
    Whatever you’re doing on your blog, remember to keep things simple. While you’ll want to show off your expertise, you don’t have to do this by using jargon and complex terms. Instead, try to explain things in plain English. Potential clients will value this, as it means you’re likely to take the same approach when working them. Try to help your target audience – not impress them.


More ways to grow

Blogging is one useful tool for contractor marketing, but there are plenty of other ways to attract interest. If you’re looking for more flexibility with payroll, comprehensive contractor insurance or help finding a contract,Contracting Scout can provide the right solution for you.

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