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Why it’s best for the agency the contractor and the client to work together | Contracting Scout

IR35: Why it’s best for the agency, the contractor and the client to work together

According to IPSE’s latest Freelancer Confidence Index, 59% of contractors are wary of the economic conditions ahead. Much of the concern has arisen from recent changes to IR35 (off-payroll working rules) in the public sector, which are also set to apply to the private sector in the near future. The changes place the responsibility for

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Maintaining an Effective Contractor CV – Keep It Relevant

As a contractor, your CV is often the first impression recruiters get of you. It needs to stand out and showcase your skills, but that’s not all. Here at Contracting Scout, we believe relevancy is the key. Keep reading to find out how an up-to-date and relevant CV can help you consistently secure contracts.  

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finding work through a contractor agency

Working Direct vs Working with a Contractor Agency

Working with an Agency vs Contracting directly – which one to choose?   If you’re considering becoming a contractor, there are a wide range of factors to think about – from marketing yourself as a contractor  to whether you will work directly with your end client or through a contractor agency. Once you’ve done your

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write job ads to find the best contractors.

How recruiters can write job ads to find the best contractors.

Getting job ads wrong can be expensive. If the wrong people apply it can waste your time and if the wrong people are successfully placed in roles, it can damage your relationship with temps and clients alike. While the outcome of the recruitment process isn’t solely reliant on the strength of the initial job ad,

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Job-Seeking Frustrations

How Recruiters Can Succeed By Addressing Candidate Frustrations

Recent research from CV-Library has identified the main frustrations candidates face when job hunting. At first glance, the results don’t make pleasant reading for recruiters. Not only was a ‘lack of response from recruiters’ named the number 1 frustration by job hunters, chosen by 57% of respondents, but ‘vague updates from the recruiter’ also made

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What Recruiters Can Learn From The Snap Election Decision

What Recruiters Can Learn From Theresa May’s Snap Election Decision

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election has dominated recent headlines. However, while most of this discussion has focused on the latest polls or who will and who won’t be taking part in TV debates, there are also some important lessons that recruiters can learn from May’s decision. Here’s what you can learn

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help recruiters attract talent

Why Recruiters Have A Key Role To Play In Helping Clients Attract Talent

The latest Markit/REC jobs report found that candidate availability is dropping at the fastest rate in 18 months. A lack of suitable candidates is proving a particular problem in key sectors of the economy, including IT and tech, engineering, construction and healthcare. On top of this, we’ve seen how the upcoming IR35 changes are increasingly

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How To Recruit Health Sector Temps

How To Recruit Health Sector Temps Following IR35 Reforms

The reforms to IR35 legislation introduce difficulties across the public sector – and this is particularly true in the UK health sector, which already had existing staffing issues. In the 2017/18 NHS Employers’ Pay Review, for instance, all providers responding to the survey said that they had issues with recruitment and, most crucially, retention of

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Candidates for temp jobs

How To Respond When Candidates Are In Short Supply

The latest Markit/REC Report has revealed that demand for temporary staff has reached a 17-month high, whilst the volume of staff available is at a three month low. That might sound like worrying news for recruiters. After all, when your business depends on placing highly skilled temps into roles, things will be significantly more difficult

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Ways To Build Trust With Temps

Three Ways To Build Trust With Temps

As a recruiter, building trust between clients and your temps is vital. With previous research suggesting that the vast majority of recruiters believe the hunt for talent is becoming more competitive, recruiters will need to do more to build lasting relationships that’ll allow them to stand out and be successful.   Here are 3 things

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