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spring budget 2017

What Contractors Can Expect From The Spring Budget

With Chancellor Philip Hammond about to deliver the ‘Spring Budget’, we wanted to take a look at what temporary workers and their agencies can expect. This is the final Spring Budget, which has been scrapped and replaced with an Autumn Budget to ensure tax changes now occur well before the start of the tax year.

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IR35 reforms

Contractors Increasingly Fearful Of Public Sector Jobs Due To IR35 Reforms

With only a month to go until the tax changes are introduced, our long-standing view that the IR35 reforms are set to cause significant problems in the public sector, has only been reinforced with each new piece of research or significant news report on the topic. The latest example is this week’s Guardian story, which

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IR35 reform

Latest IR35 Guidance Offers Little Comfort to Contractors

We’ve already discussed how the IR35 reforms are potentially damaging for contractors – and how this has been demonstrated by Transport for London’s decision to introduce a blanket ban on workers operating through their own limited company. Since then, however, the government has published some updated guidance on the IR35 reforms. Unfortunately, this not only

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Tfl Bans PSC Contractors IR35 Reforms

Tfl Bans PSC Contractors Ahead Of IR35 Reforms

The potential for IR35 reforms to damage opportunities for contractors working in the public sector was demonstrated last week, when Transport for London introduced a blanket ban on workers who operate through their own limited company.   The ban, which was reported in ContractorUK, will be enacted to remove the risk of TfL being penalised for

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IR35 changes in responsibility impact recruitment agencies

Responsibility For IR35 Is Changing – Is Your Recruitment Agency Prepared?

From April this year, if you’re a recruiter placing contractors using a personal service company (PSC) in public sector roles, it will almost certainly become your responsibility to: Calculate TAX and NICs on gross as if employed after allowable expenses Hold monies under 1 and pay to HM Revenue & Customs monthly Report each pay-run

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calculating VAT using Flat Rate scheme

Contractors to Lose Out in Flat Rate VAT Changes

Contractors are once again in the firing line, with changes to the VAT flat rate scheme (FRS) announced in the Autumn Statement. The scheme was originally designed to simplify VAT reporting and reduce red tape for small businesses and contractors. However, in what appears to be an attempt to blame the self-employed for declining tax

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Autumn Statement for Contractors

Contractors Receive a Mixed Picture from The Autumn Statement

We noted recently that contractors would be taking a keen interest in yesterday’s Autumn Statement. It offered a chance not only to gain insight into the future economic direction of the country, but also to understand the government’s attitude towards contractors and clarification on the IR35 reforms, which many thought could put contractors off working

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moving economy ahead of the Autumn Statement

Contractors Expecting IR35 Update in Autumn Statement

Contractors in the public sector will be taking a keen interest in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement. Being presented on Wednesday, it will be an interesting indicator to the whole country of the economic direction the government plans to pursue. But it could also have a direct impact on contractors in the public sector,

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contractor survey results

Brexit, IR35 and Contractor Rates: Contractors Speak

We recently surveyed hundreds of contractors to get your views on all aspects of contracting life – from Brexit and IR35, to rates and how you search for roles – and we discovered some interesting results.   Overall, contractors seem fairly relaxed about the impact that Brexit will have on their work prospects; 37 per

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IR35 investigation on BBC presenters

100 BBC Presenters Face IR35 Investigation

Over 100 high profile members of staff from the BBC have been identified from a list of 469 media professionals reportedly under review by the taxman in relation to the status of their personal service companies (PSCs).   The latest figures came to light during last week’s tribunal ruling on a case involving BBC News

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