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date Ideas for contractors this Valentine’s Day

5 Out-Of-The-Box Date Ideas For Busy Contractors

Given the nature of their work, some independent contractors can work seven days a week and well into the evenings, especially if working remotely and trying to meet tight deadlines. With Valentine’s Day looming, it’s an opportunity to ‘down tools’ and enjoy some quality time with your loved one, but it can be difficult coming up with new and exciting date ideas beyond the usual dinner and a movie. So, we’ve come up with our top 5 out of the ordinary date ideas so you don’t have to.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a big romantic gesture or cost a lot of money. Use Valentine’s Day to have some time off from work and the stress of everyday life, and show that someone special your free-thinking, independent spirit.

    1. Paintball- Possibly not your typical Valentine’s Day suggestion but it’s definitely different as date ideas go and one for those action-types. Paintball can be intense and fun. A great way to get heart rates racing. There are plenty of unique settings to choose from around the UK including World War II bunkers, medieval castles or the old fashioned forest.Most paintball centres also have cafes and restaurants attached where you can grab a bite to eat  afterwards and relive your skills and tactics (or lack of).Paintballing also doesn’t have to be done with your just loved one. Involve your friends and put together teams to battle against each other. Paintball is also a major way to relieve stress, making it a double win for contractors who work around the clock.
    2. Chocolate-making- The best part about this date idea is that you can try chocolate making at home or by going to a class. It’s an inexpensive way to spend time with your loved one in the relaxed setting of your home, and there are loads of recipes online to tempt even the novice baker.A chocolate making date also presents an opportunity to learn a new skill with your partner and bond over the experience. If you want to get out of the kitchen, take a lesson from a professional who will teach you how to make exquisite, unique chocolates with something delicious to take away with you at the end!
    3. Treasure Hunt– A fun way to spend Valentine’s Day, you can use your creative mind-set to place clues around different locations in your home and garden for your partner to find. You could make your own cryptic messages and give them a personal touch, or if you don’t feel creative enough, there are plenty of online clues you can print off. You can then enjoy watching your valentine try and figure out your hints and memos. Just remember to leave them with a nice Valentine’s Day present at the last location of your hunt!
    4. Bottomless Brunch- Opting for a Valentine’s brunch will set you apart from the typical evening daters. As a contractor you have more flexibility over the hours you work so this option can really play in to your hands. No matter where you are in the UK, locations all over the country are offering bottomless brunches as an option.Going for brunch rather than an later meal is more relaxed and gives you plenty of opportunity to really get to know your date without being squashed into an evening restaurant primed with rows of ‘tables for two’. You don’t even have to like typical brunches. There are loads of choices whether you like a full fry-up, a plate piled high with American pancakes or a high end three-course Japanese-inspired feast. There’s guaranteed to be something to excite your loved one.
    5. Drive in film- Take your usual movie outside with a drive in open-air cinema. An outdoor film might be a bit chilly in February, but there are plenty of theatres showing films especially for Valentine’s Day and it’s a great excuse to cosy up under a blanket or two.Alternatively, take it one step further. If you have a suitable vehicle, a generator, and somewhere not too far outside the city, then go somewhere you can see the stars and watch movies in privacy from there. It’s like camping but without the roll mats and cramped tent.

Independent contractors have busy lives. Along with having to run your own business and securing your next role, you often have to juggle finding specialist providers for additional services such as mortgages, insurance and umbrella companies (many of which ContractingScout can help you with).

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