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4 easy resolutions for contractors to keep in 2018

As the festive season gets well and truly underway, it’s almost that time to think about the resolutions we’re going to take into the new year with us.


From losing weight and eating well, through to spending more time with family or taking up a new hobby, there’s no shortage of New Year’s resolutions that aim to enhance and improve our lives.


But, if you’re working as a contractor, there are also a number of work related resolutions that will help to ensure that 2018 is as happy, healthy, and stress-free as possible. After all, the start of the new year is a great time to make practical resolutions that will allow you to grow as a contractor and become more successful.


Of course, it’s all very well making a great set of New Year’s resolutions, but the challenge is keeping them. In fact, according to the statistics, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February! The key to making successful resolutions that you’ll actually be able to stick to, is ensuring they are simple, easy and in line with your contracting objectives for the year.


So, here’s our run down of 4 easy resolutions for contractors to keep in 2018:


1.   Market yourself like a pro


For many contractors, finding new clients and contracts is one of their least favourite aspects of their job, and marketing is usually the first thing to fall by the wayside when your to-do list gets over-populated. But, when you’re working as a contractor, marketing yourself is a crucial part of the role.


So make one of your New Year’s resolutions to dedicate a set number of hours a week to marketing yourself and your services. This could include networking, working on your CV, optimising your LinkedIn efforts, or even launching your own website if you don’t have one already – anything that will allow you to expand your business network, make new connections and secure potential leads and referrals.


2.   Improve your work life balance


Successfully achieving a balance between your work and home life can be tough, particularly when you work as a contractor. However, a balanced lifestyle is essential for a happy and healthy life. And there’s no better time to address this than when making your New Year’s resolutions.


Limiting your working day to a reasonable amount of hours and making more time for relaxing, socialising and spending quality time with your loved ones will not only help you to restore your work life balance, but it will also leave you refreshed and better equipped to tackle any issues during your working day.


3.   Delegate to work smarter


Learning how to successfully delegate work is a key factor in achieving a balance between your working life and your personal life. So making one of your resolutions to delegate more can not only make your life as a contractor considerably less stressful, but it will also help you to achieve your other resolutions in 2018.


This might include seeking accountancy support and delegating some of your financial tasks or working with a recruiter so that they can take care of finding and securing contracts for you.


Map out how you currently spend your time and use this to work out where you can outsource tasks in order to optimise your productivity.


4.   Work less, earn more (think umbrella companies)


As discussed above, when you’re working as a contractor, successfully achieving a work life balance isn’t always easy, so delegating elements of your role can be of help.


And that’s where an umbrella company comes in. Switching from a limited company to working with an umbrella company will mean you go into the new year with less paper work and less responsibility, freeing you up to concentrate on the task in hand (not to mention keeping up your resolution of maintaining a better work/life balance).


When you join an umbrella company, you become an employee.. Your clients then pay the umbrella company when you submit your invoice, and you will receive your salary minus tax and other deductions, such as National Insurance, expenses, the umbrella company’s fee, etc.


Working under an umbrella company offers contractors a whole host of benefits, providing payroll, invoicing, expenses timesheet services and more. Working this way can not only save you the hassle and time involved in taking care of these aspects of your contracts yourself, but it can also prove beneficial in terms of IR35 considerations.



For further information about umbrella companies and how they can help you to make positive changes in the new year, download our free Guide to Umbrellas today.

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