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Contracting Scout IR35 Guide

Contracting Scout’s guide to IR35

At Contracting Scout, we recognise that contractors play a hugely valuable role in both the private and public sectors – and we want to support you and help you continue to do so. That’s why we’ve created this IR35 guide, giving you the full background to the reforms and what they might mean for you. Most importantly, over the next few pages, we’ll explain how you can avoid falling into the IR35 trap unnecessarily and how we can help you manage your situation.

A guide to off-payroll working for limited company contractors - Updated March 2020

A guide to off-payroll working for limited company contractors

Recent changes to the off-payroll rules mean that all contractors working through a limited company must keep themselves informed about proposed off-payroll rules. This guide aims to give contractors a concise overview of the changes in the private and public sectors to date.

IR35: What are your options if you're blanketed?

IR35: What are your options if you’re blanketed?

Over the past few weeks, a number of prominent businesses have given notice of their plans to cease engaging limited companies in advance of the April 2020 rule changes. While the ban started off in the banking sector, it’s now gaining momentum among many large scale engagers in other industries. Businesses are adopting this policy to reduce risk of liability, as they will carry the responsibility for making status determinations.

How to make the most of social media guide

How to make the most of social media guide

As a contractor, investing time in developing a social media strategy can provide you with a valuable and cost-effective marketing tool. In this guide, Contracting Scout take a look at the different platforms and how they can help your contracting career.

Budget Summary 2018 - Contracting Scout

Budget Summary: Autumn 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced in his second budget that the era of austerity was coming to an end and that this would be a “budget for hardworking families”. He used the windfall from better tax receipts to invest in the NHS, improve universal credit and make income tax cuts. So how did contractors fare? We take a look into those announcements that will have a direct effect on the hardworking contractor community.

Contracting Scout’s guide to switching from a limited company to an umbrella company

Switching from a Limited Company to an Umbrella Company

An increasing number of contractors are switching from running their own limited company to joining an umbrella company, but why is this happening and does it mean it’s time for you to make the move as well? Whether you are thinking of joining an umbrella company, unsure about the impact of the recent changes to IR35 legislation for the public sector or just want to know more, download our FREE guide. In it we explore the advantages of using an umbrella company – including but not limited to, a means to avoid the headache of IR35 legislation – as well as what you should consider before making the switch and the steps involved.

guide to IR35

Contractors Guide to IR35 (Updated Guide Available)

If you’re a contractor working in the public sector, you would have heard a fair bit about reforms to IR35 legislation. These reforms are big news because they introduce a very real risk that nearly all public sector contractors will be taxed as if they are permanent employees when the next tax year begins on 6 April 2017.

We have mentioned it many times at Contracting Scout and have experienced a high volume of queries and questions from contractors in both the public and private sectors. We recognise that contractors play a hugely valuable role and we want to support them to make the very best choices around the changes.

Our free guide to IR35 give will give you the full background to the reforms and will explain what they might mean for you.

If there are any questions that we have been unable to answer please do not hesitate to get in contact and make use of our free 10 minute consultation offer.

How to make the most of social media: guide

Using Social Media to Improve Your Job Prospects

The use of social media for recruitment has grown 54% in the past 5 years. It has pulled ahead of most other traditional forms of job advertisement and is now a primary source for finding talent. Not only that but alarming percentage of employers and recruiters are now using social media as a way to screen potential candidates before even considering an application.

Our 6 step guide will show you how to improve your online presence and maximise your chances of securing your next contract.

Working With Your Recruitment Consultant

10 Tips for Successfully Working With Your Recruitment Consultant

Working with your recruitment consultant is essential to making the most out of your job search. There are a number of ways to work and find new roles as a contractor but the most popular choice is to use a recruitment agency. They can give you access to a wide variety of contacts and provide new opportunities with hard to reach clients. But are you getting what you need from your agency? Our list of 10 top tips will help improve your experience with your recruiter and at the same time boost your contracting career prospects.

contractor umbrella company

Free Limited Company Guide to Dividends

This easy to understand guide covers everything you need to know about dividends as a contractor. Find out why you should use dividend and how dividends have changed since April 2016. Plus we have provided a simple breakdown of how to declare your dividends.

In its simplest form a dividend is a portion of a company’s profits which is distributed out to its shareholders. Many limited company contractors use dividends in order to structure their income more tax efficiently. It is one of the many benefits of setting up a limited company as a contract worker but since April 2016 there have been fundamental changes to the way in which dividend income is taxed! Download our easy to read guide to dividends to make sure you understand the impact this has had for contractors.

contractor guide to insurance

Free Guide to Contractor Insurance

What Insurance do I need as a contractor – it’s a question we get asked time and again. Our handy breakdown explains the difference types of insurance for contractors, the benefits of being insured and how to find a reliable and cost effective business insurance provider.

Being an independent contractor can provide greater freedom and flexibility, but it also means that it’s down to you to ensure you safeguard yourself and your business. Make sure you know the difference between professional indemnity, public liability and employers’ liability and which insurance cover is right for you.

resources and guides for contractors and their recruiters

Free Guide to Contractor National Insurance

Did you know that national insurance is not a tax and that national insurance is not payable on dividend income? Did you also know that if you work through an Umbrella Company, Employers national insurance still needs to be paid – and it comes out of your pay packet! Read our guide to find out more.

Whether you work via an umbrella company or through your own limited company, national insurance contributions still need to be paid. But the amounts depend on your working status and how much you earn. The clear distinction is between those who are classed as employed and those who are self-employed and our guide will tell you how much national insurance you need to pay for each set-up.

contractor business insurance to suit your specific needs

Free Guide: How to Negotiate a Contract Renewal

If you think it’s time to negotiate your rate of pay, we have the top 5 contract renewal negotiation tips that can improve your chances of success without damaging your reputation among co-workers or clients.

Being offered a contract renewal or a contract extension is a great opportunity, especially if it is for a client or a job that you already like. However, it is also a chance for negotiation. Our free guide explores the benefits of a contract renewal that you may not have considered yet and the ways in which you can improve your contract renewal negation tactics.

Contractor Umbrella Company

Free Guide to Umbrella Companies

Collecting receipts, submitting invoices and paying taxes all add to the administrative burden of being a contract worker. Operating through an umbrella company can be a great way to reduce your level of paperwork but how much do you really know about payroll providers? Our free guide will give you all the information you need.